Lazeez Music

Halifax's Jazz, Persian, Funk & Soul inspired band! 

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About Us

"Preposterously complex arrangements that feel improvised and viciously danceable"


-Gary Peacock, booking agent

"Latin and world rhythms, wrapped up in jazz and smooth R&B soul"



Who we are

A six piece band drawing from each member’s unique musical skills, strengths and experiences, Halifax-based Lazeez is bending genre barriers to craft their own unique, fresh sound.  While rooted in funk, fusion, and soul, they transcend the limits to create their own style of Neo-soul, incorporating elements of Disco, Latin, Jazz, and World music.  The impeccable musicianship and collaborative nature of this group reveals an energetic live performance filled with exciting grooves, hooks, and transitions that will engage listeners and dancers alike.


Check out the video to our song Fruition